placing tinted carWindow tinting for automobiles has proven to be an excellent investment and a true convenience for all car owners. It gives them more privacy and protection from intense heat and glare, leading to a more focused and safer driving.

At Miami Auto Tint, we have been specializing in auto window tinting since 1997. With our years of expertise in this service, we were able to partner with Sun Tek to offer our customers superb, easy to install, carbon non-metal tints and films that provide higher heat rejection and effective glare reduction.

All of our tinting products are available in different shades, thus accommodating a variety of car models and customer preferences. Additionally, our skillful crew conduct micro-edging on doors to ensure that our window tints go all the way to the top and exhibit a factory-colored finish; and then steam off all removal tint to prevent damaging the car’s back windshield defroster.

As seasoned veterans in comprehensive auto detailing and reconditioning, we are capable of accurately translating your concerns and needs for your beloved vehicles. We will make sure that you get your money’s worth and even go the extra mile by scheduling a service for you so we can operate the car tinting procedure at your doorstep! Indeed, with Miami Auto Tint, your peace of mind and satisfaction for your automobile is always guaranteed.