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As car tint professionals, we guarantee that our window tinting products will ensure you enjoy your driving experience every day, giving you protection against the hottest weather conditions. Through the years, we have been specializing in auto window tinting and have provided the most technologically advanced window film that’s superb and easy to install.

Our line of patented auto window films was created using cutting-edge technology. With our advanced window tint and window film services, we ensure that our products will exhibit sleek, factory finished color that will enhance any vehicle. Our auto films are color stable, the window tinting performance is unbeatable, and the product life will last as long as you own your vehicle. At Miami Auto Tint, we make sure that you get your money’s worth and even go the extra mile by scheduling a service for you so we can operate the car tinting procedure right at your doorstep!

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Key Benefits

  • Guaranteed against fading or color change
  • Enhanced UV ray light protection
  • Comes with different shades
  • Excellent heat rejection
  • Superior film clarity
  • Increase privacy
  • Improve comfort

Committed to Excellence

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Auto window tinting has been proven to be an excellent investment and a real convenience to all car owners. We truly believe that the glass tinting industry is an industry that can help the future. The environmental benefits of glass films and window tinting should be further brought out to the government, businesses and the general public.

For the most amazing auto window performance and quality, choose Miami Auto Tint. All our auto window films are made from state-of-the-art products to ensure the safety of your car, your belongings and most importantly, your passengers. We provide superior vehicle privacy along with maximum comfort and extreme solar heat protection. Our advanced automotive window films are constructed using the finest materials and the latest technology that’s best in the market. With our lifetime warranty, you can guarantee that you’ve made the right choice for your vehicle’s protection.

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