hid-led-lightsHeadlights and tail lights have always been a required feature for every car. Aside from the visibility they provide, these car parts are also important as a means of communication for every driver on the road. They can greatly determine your safety and that of your passengers. Hence, although it has always been a requirement, choosing your headlights and tail lights should no longer be a no-thought decision.

At Miami Auto Tint, we have an array of car lights you can choose from. Two of our most recommended products are HID and LED Lights. HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights are gas filled tubes that provides an amplified intensity of lighting, thus covering large areas for extensive visual clarity and quality. Its power comes from discharged plasma; hence it is exceptionally brighter than the ordinary florescent and incandescent light bulbs.

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights on the other hand are less bright as compared to HID’s. However, they can hit maximum brightness within a millionth of a second compared with the half second required by incandescent and halogen lights. Based on recent studies, when LED’s are used in brake and indicator lights they improve the reaction time of other drivers by around 30%.

In the event that you are searching for a surprisingly better, brighter light for your car, Miami Auto Tint is here to help. Your safety is always our number one priority, hence we assure you of our high quality products as well as our reliable and efficient car lights installation services. Our dedicated staff is here to cater to your every need. They are highly specialized in installing different kinds of equipment and accessories that can help upgrade and improve your car’s look and performance on the road!