car-washMiami Auto Tint’s complete car wash services maintain and prolong the quality of your vehicles. Customers are assured that all necessary precautionary measures are practiced in every step -. Working on different types of automobiles throughout the years, we have developed a safe and systematic car washing formula.

To start off, we use soaps and cleansers with mild acid and alkali, high pressure water, along with carefully and expertly combined chemical concentrations in order to successfully remove grime build-up on the outer surface of your car. Our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to clean even the hardest to reach corners and eradicate the toughest stains without causing corrosion on sensitive and exposed vehicular parts. Also, our chemical tire applicators, polishers, sealers and air dryers are durable, high-tech and overseen by our well-trained staff. At very budget-friendly rates, your car becomes impeccably clean and neat.

But more than delivering excellent car washing service, we are more focused on inspiring and guiding car owners when it comes to caring for their automobiles. We want to show you how each step is necessary in order to make every penny you’ve invested in your precious automobiles worth all the effort and hard work.