car-stereoToday, cars are never deemed complete without an audio entertainment system installed for your listening pleasure. That is why when it comes to high quality car stereos, Miami Auto Tint has it all!

There are different kinds of car stereos available in the market, but at Miami Auto Tint we can customize your audio system based on your wants and needs. We have specialized speakers and amplifiers that you can use to enhance your stereo performance:

  • Portable Sound Force Intensifier – an auto amplifier that can be connected to any electronic enhancer to divide the alternate segments of your sound system.
  • Component Speakers – diaphragm loudspeakers which generates high pitched frequencies.
  • Outside intensifiers – intensifiers that can be mounted in the storage compartment or at the back of the car.
  • Subwoofers – have the capability of producing sound of the highest quality without reducing too much audio signal off it.

From custom made accessories to high quality amplifiers and high end bass speakers or subwoofers, you will never worry again about getting bored while on the road. Miami Auto Tint has your stereo performance covered. Our skilled installers have the utmost experience in guaranteeing the car stereo services that will truly suit your car, your style and your budget.