Do you really love your automobile? Have you keenly checked its condition lately? Did you notice a dramatic decrease in its quality due to a build-up of dirt, stains and scratches? If so, Miami Auto Tint is here to eliminate all the imperfections in and out of your car and revive it into a breathtaking work of art! What sets us apart from competing companies is that we don’t just give customers our word; rather, we demonstrate excellence through our performance and professionalism.

Our car detailing services cover both interior and exterior restoration. Constant exposure to wind and pollution leaves scratches on the car’s exterior and eventually causes its coating to fade. Hence, we clean your car’s surface with noncorrosive cleaning agents and apply coating to restore its elegant, glossy finish. The windows, wheels and tires are treated with acid-free degreasers to wash away accumulated soil and clay; while electroplating is applied to enhance the car’s durability and prevent rust from developing further. For interior car detailing, our dependable staff will remove all dust and stains through vacuuming and steam cleaning, repair carpet holes, burns and even do impressive upholstery on synthetic carpets and vinyl leathers.

All cars that are brought to us for repair are handled with extra care as though it were our own. As a result, we can transform even the most worn-out vehicles back to its brand new condition.