Auto Window Tinting

We specialize on auto window tinting since 1997  offering our customers top of the line tint from Sun Tek.  We will make sure you get what you pay for.  We carry High Performance and Carbon non-metal tint in different shades.  Our film provides higher heat rejection and glare reduction.  We do micro-edging on doors making sure the window tint is all the way to the top to make it look factory colored.  We steam off  all removal tint making sure we do not damage your back windshield defroster.


Hid and Led Lights

Improve night time visibility with super white Hid and Led lights.  Better car battery consumption and long lasting bulbs to improve your overall car energy consumption.


Car Alarms

We know that car security is a main concern in today’s world and we can provide your car with the best car alarm products on the market.  Our car alarms have all the features to protect your car and best of all your car investment.  We have different car alarms model such as Prestige, Auto Page, Viper, Cliffords and remote starters.  Features include starter kill, different tone siren, 2 transmitters, panic, Led light, valet switch, Parking light flashing, dual shock sensor, keyless entry, and much more.


Car Stereos

Need to upgrade your car radio? No problem, at China Car Wash we have everything your car needs for a high quality sound. From high quality speakers to high quality amps, we carry many different car stereo brands such as Pioneer, Oreon, Sony, and JVC.